Types of windshield

Car windshields are part of the safety retention system of a car. If you are not careful in your choice of windshield, it could lead to an accident that could have been avoided. Caution is advised if you are interested in taking one more step when it comes to safety, then pay attention to the windshield model of your car.

What a windshield is made of

The windshield consists of a durable glass form, which is achieved by joining two sheets of glass with polyvinyl butyrate. This is glue that keeps the sheets of glass together and creates a stronger windshield that will not collapse into pieces in the event of an accident. Such strong glass generally prevents external objects from entering the car and reduces the chances of a passenger being thrown out in the event of an impact. It also helps to reduce the amount of sunlight shining in the car and soundproofs the car in a small part.

Windshield replacement parts

When there is a crack in the windshield, there is often a question as to whether it should be replaced or repaired. When you are going to replace a windshield you can opt for the manufacture of original equipment. This basically means that you buy a glass of one place in the contract with the manufacturer of your car model. This is the best possible option, since this glass have passed rigorous safety testing by the vehicle manufacturer. Some windshield brands are Guardian, PPG and Carlie.

Another option is spare windshield. These are made from those who are not in contract with car manufacturers and their safety standards may be questionable. This type of windshield are usually more affordable.

Special types of windshield

There are several add-ons available for windshields such as cinema. This thin transparent film will prevent glass residue from the shower in which in the event of an accident. It also makes your windshield scratch resistant. A tinted windshield helps to insulate the interior of the car and offers UV protection. Thermic windscreen from the back of the car melts snow and ice into the glass.

Use Wiper-less windshields pressurizes air instead of water to clean dirt and dust. Some high-end cars come with head-up (HUD) screens embedded in the windshield. A HUD reflects readings such as gas, mileage and windshield speed. This function can be activated and deactivated at will.

Windshields also come with the option of light and rain sensors, as well as the possibility of thawing the glass. Light and rain sensors turn on automatically lights and wipers, inside or outside.

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