The advantages of applying a rain treatment on your windshield

With the arrival of autumn and the expected rains, it is a good time to review the critical points of our vehicle: wheels, brakes, suspension and the elements related to visibility since, from now on, we will drive more at night and in conditions of rain or snow.

A good maintenance of our windshield and the rest of the car’s windows (tinted windows) will allow us to travel more safely.

For a few years, rain repellents have arrived on the market to stay, these are water-resistant products capable of making rain or snow slide down the glass, improving driving and our visibility enormously.

How an works

But how does it really work? It is a fairly simple physical principle, any rain treatment turns the surface where we apply it into an authentic skating rink that is, the product, usually formulated with acrylic resins or transparent polymers, creates a film that completely seals the pores of our glass. When there is no resistance, the drops slip by the own speed of the vehicle and do not remain “stuck” to the windshield.

How to apply it

When extending, it is necessary to do it with a small amount of product, on clean and dry glass (we can also use rear-view mirrors and side windows as well as the windscreen) and rub the surface vigorously all the way until there are no marks left.

This type of products, sold in large areas can also be used in summer because they prevent mosquitoes from sticking at home, in shower enclosures, windows or whatever we can think of we will keep it without watermarks for more weather.

The visibility is greatly improved and it is not necessary to operate the windscreen wipers.

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