Replacing the windshield

The windscreen is the front glass of the car and, precisely because of its position, to ensure the safety of the driver and all passengers on board, it is essential that it is in perfect condition. Its function is to protect the cabin of all atmospheric elements, such as sun, rain, snow and wind.

At the same time, the windshield allows to maintain in all circumstances the visibility necessary to be able to move safely on all types of roads and in any weather conditions.

The windshield is made of glass but can have particular characteristics: it can be tempered, flat laminate or curved laminate, mounted on the car body.

The material used to make the windshield is usually very strong, but despite this feature, it is possible that the glass is damaged. The causes, in general, do not depend on us or a wrong use of the vehicle and, most of the time, it is not even due to a traffic accident.

Many times, it is enough that during the march a stone is lifted by the tires of a vehicle that circulates in front of us with a quite high speed, hit the glass by splintering it; Or hail or heavy rain can cause damage. These damages can begin with a small splinter, until reaching a serious gravity, causing the breakage of the windshield, the side crystals or even the rear window.

At times, insufficient importance is given to the damage suffered and a windshield that has been slightly chipped remains in this state for too long periods. Over time, due to the continuous vibrations caused by the walking of the vehicle and the demand on the same glass by the force of the air during the march, the damage that seemed of little importance becomes more and more important and can crack The glass, ruining it irreparably.

It must be taken into account that if this happens while we are driving and, unexpectedly, we find the glass shattered or with a slit with the classic form of cobweb well dense that prevents us from seeing the road, this will represent a big problem for the driver Of the vehicle, its passengers, but also for other cars traveling on the same road.

For this reason, when damage to the windshield is caused, it must be intervened immediately, because even small and insignificant damage considerably reduces the resistance of the glass and creates the conditions for a consequent breakage.

The same regulation that regulates the traffic prohibits the use of motor vehicles with the broken windshield.

For these reasons, it is best to immediately put your vehicle in the hands of professionals able to assess the severity of the damage and proceed with repairing or changing the windshield.

With modern techniques, the repair or replacement of the crystals has become a very fast operation. To repair a windshield, for example, it takes only half an hour, because the damages usually resolve easily in very short times.

Today, in addition, an insurance policy generally covers in 99% of cases the cost of a repair and in 90% of cases the replacement in case of breakage of the other crystals.

In case the policy covers all the glass parts of your vehicle, the windscreen, side windows or rear window are repaired or replaced and the opening of the accident process is done directly in the workshop with your insurance, to avoid the Annoyance of all these cumbersome bureaucratic issues.

The evaluation of damage to a windshield is carried out by a qualified and competent technician who will subject the vehicle to a thorough review. Usually, before replacing the windshield, a first repair is attempted. This, however, depends on the severity of the damage. In general, if a crack or slit does not exceed 2.5 cm, an attempt is made to repair it. This, however, should not be near the edge of the glass or in front of the driver. In addition, if multiple splines are present it is preferable to replace the windshield instead of repairing it.

The substitution consists of removing the glass that has suffered the damage to be able to mount a new one. The dismantling is carried out with techniques and tools that allow to work with total safety and that avoid any possible damage to the body.

After removing the glass, proceed to clean the frame. All the residue of glue is removed and the new windshield is prepared to be able to proceed to the application of the adhesives and to the installation. The products that are used are of the highest quality and are the same ones used in the manufacturers’ assembly lines.

Driver Center mechanics offer the guarantee of replacing a damaged windshield with one of the same quality as above. The crystals used for the replacement are in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards of the original material and are certified to guarantee the quality of the product.

Tinted movie

One way to increase safety inside the passenger compartment is the application of tinted films. With these special films, in case of glass breakage, the small fragments are trapped by them. Undoubtedly, this is an aspect of particular importance as the driver and passengers are not at risk of being injured by glass chips.

These films can also help reduce consumption. In fact, they increase the comfort inside the passenger compartment because they reduce the heat generated by the sunlight, so it will not be necessary to turn on yes or yes the air conditioning and will consume less fuel.

In addition, they allow to increase the privacy, limiting the possibility of seeing the objects inside the passenger compartment.

The color of the film can be light, standard or dark. In addition, the interior of the passenger compartment is protected from light, heat and UV rays. These three elements, in general, are responsible for the most pronounced wear of the interiors of our vehicle. The light, in fact, causes the colors of the upholstery to fade and, therefore, protect them from light increases without doubt its value and allows to improve the aesthetics of our vehicle.


It is advisable to replace the windshield wiper blades every year, since if worn they do not guarantee good visibility in case of adverse weather conditions.

In addition, in addition to impairing driving safety, if they are much worn, they can scratch the glass of the windshield causing a nuisance that can, over time, cause more serious damage, or even simply compromise the possibility of overcoming the inspection of our vehicle.

Conversely, if the windshield is chipped, it can irreparably damage the wiper blades. The damage may not only stop at the problem of non-uniform cleaning of the glass, but it can also pick up other debris that can further ruin our windshield that may have just been fitted.

For this reason, windshield wiper blades should be replaced once a year, or even more often if very high mileage is performed, and also replaced when changing the windshield or rear window.

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