Installation of auto glass

Sometimes, car glass cracks or splinters. If the crack is too large to seal or fill, it is necessary to install a new windshield, which can be a difficult task. Installation is done by a professional, and it involves detailed work that may be too much for some car owners to handle. However, the instructions and proper tools, this installation can be completed by some experienced car owners.


  1. Write down the make and model of your car and take this information to a dealer or auto shop so you can order the right windshield. Place the windshield in the opening with the help of a friend to make sure it fits correctly. Take it out again and set aside.
  2. Remove the trim on the windscreen with a windscreen tarring tool. Remove all clips that hold the windshield. Run the tool under the molding and remove all the screws.
  3. Clean the windshield surface around the frame. Clean with water and a clean cloth. Wait for it to dry and apply to a specialized primer bonding along the outer perimeter of the opening where the windshield will be installed. Apply a strip of adhesive with a caulking gun. Apply the adhesive agent to the perimeter of the windshield in the same way applied to the car.
  4. Set the windscreen on the car at the opening with a holder on each side. Press firmly to attach it to the window and run your hands along the outer perimeter to seal in place. Check the edge of the windshield, for the excess adhesive that has been squirted through. Clean it with a clean cloth.
  5. Clean the windshield with the glass cleaner and wait four hours for the adhesive to cure before driving the car.

Tips and warnings

  • They always have two people when they install a windshield because windshields can be very heavy.
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