How to seal a windshield seal

When replacing a windshield yourself, the quality of the waterproof gasket you get is very important. You do not want the elements to leak inside your car due to a bad seal. With care and patience, you can create a good seal for your car’s windshield seal.


  1. Remove the old windshield gasket from its opening. Be careful to eliminate all traces, particularly if part of the board has corroded in the frame.
  2. Place the new windshield on a kitchen table covered with a towel or on easels covered with carpet. The surface on which you place the windshield must be padded to protect the glass, but you must also protect the surface from the dirt that will be caused by the application of the windshield seal.
  3. Use a pencil to mark the bottom center of the windshield on the glass. Use a tape measure to measure from end to end to determine the true center.
  4. Place the gasket on the windshield, aligning the joint with the pencil mark on the bottom. Accommodates the gasket around the windshield perimeter.
  5. Apply the windshield joint sealant (butyl cement) below the front edge of the joint. To do this, raise the edge of the board again and brush the sealant between it and the glass, making sure that you do not miss any part. This is a dirty job but essential to produce a seal of quality.
  6. Use a soap solution to lubricate the outside edge of the joint or the windshield opening.
  7. Insert the window cord into the groove of the windshield seal and wrap the ends inside the windows.
  8. Place the windshield in the window opening. The best way is to put the inside part in first and then lower the top and push down.
  9. Pull the cord out of the groove of the gasket to seal in the windshield frame.
  10. Use mineral spirits to clean excess windshield sealant when finished.

Tips and warnings

  • Attaching the gasket to the windshield can be an exhausting job that requires a lot of physical effort.
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