How to repair the ceiling off of a car

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Driving down the road with the cloth covering the ceiling of your car on your head is a big hassle, especially if you open the windows to let in some air and suddenly everything starts moving. This cloth is known as coating ceiling. There are some things you can do to fix it before they tear or fall out completely.


  1. Take the car to a repair shop. They will remove the old cloth and foam to replace them with new material. This can cost between $ 75 and $ 250, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. This is a smart way to remedy the problem as the workshop guarantee their work for one year, or a lifetime warranty.
  2. Pull the old cloth if the ceiling looks good. Usually if the cloth has been separated from the foam, it is very difficult to bring them together for a period of time. If you do not want to remove the finish, carefully cut around the edges.
  3. Paste the ceiling back in place by making a small hole near the back of the ceiling. Open the windows of the car, insert the tip of a spray adhesive, which may be the 3M high bond adhesive and apply a generous layer. Let stand for 30 seconds before putting the cloth back in place. This is a temporary fix because it is likely to return to part as the foam deteriorates.
  4. Secure the cloth in place using the retaining pins. You should be able to locate them in fabric stores. Must pass through the cloth and foam and then rotate to lock into the ceiling board. These pins will help to hold the ceiling for a while, but as the foam will continue to disintegrate over time, you must cover the entire ceiling with these pins.
  5. Remove all ceiling board and press board. Pull the cloth and remove all foam. Paste a new piece of cloth over the frame, cut the holes for the interior light and accessories for hanging clothes and anything else installed on your ceiling. Reinstall the cloth with the inner light and the edges of the finish that hold it in place.
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