How to repair the auto glass

Windshields and even car windows, inevitably make small chips and cracks in them. It’s frustrating, and many people think they have to run out and change the windshield immediately. However, many cracks and chips can be easily repaired at home with a few materials and a little time.


  1. Select the loose glass tiles from the crack with the razor blade.
  2. Clean the surface carefully with a damp cloth.
  3. Dry the area completely with a clean cloth, with the dryer if necessary to remove all the water from the crack.
  4. Center the suction cups around the center of the crack or chip, sucking them firmly to the car.
  5. Insert the tube into the center of the suction cups, making sure that it is tightly secured as possible.
  6. Pour the repair material into the tube.
  7. Insert the plunger into the tube and push down, squirting the repair material onto the chip. The pressure will cause the material to squirt at the base of the chip and along cracks.
  8. Wait 1 minute for the repair material to completely fill the cracks, then remove the tube and suction cups.
  9. Place the film that was included in the repair kit on the crack or chip.
  10. Use the edge of the razor blade to flatten the film and repair material completely, pushing the excess resin into the unfilled portions of the crack.
  11. Wait 15 minutes for the repair material to dry completely.
  12. Remove the film from the glass of the car.
  13. Use the blade to scrape the excess material repair.

Tips and warnings

  • If your vehicle has a crack of more than 4 inches or parts has broken, the glass cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced. Take your car to an auto mechanic that replaced the glass. Repair cracks and chips as soon as they happen so they do not spread and become defects.
  • Do not repair the windshield in heat, humidity or rain, as these elements will cause the material not to dry properly.
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