How to repair headliner falling Car

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The roof is one of the characteristics of the interior of a car that usually goes unnoticed until there is a problem. Over time, extreme heat, cold or moisture may cause the rear foam roof material is apparent, which makes the fabric hang. Hanging fabric is not only annoying, but could even hang enough to obstruct the driver’s vision, creating a safety issue. Repairing a dropped ceiling is a simple task, but remove the table from the ceiling of the vehicle can be a bit tricky.


Removing the ceiling board

  1. Remove all the trim pieces or other components that set the table to the vehicle roof. This process varies greatly between vehicles, so evaluate your own car to find trim pieces and other components that have to be removed. In most cars these include the rim of the pillar, roof handles, a shoulder of a quarter panel, trim the front windshield and rear visors and center light.
  2. Resting the front seats, as much as possible, if applicable, and the rear seats folded down if your vehicle has folding rear seats. If your vehicle does not have folding rear seats, remove the rear seat cushion and frame any bra behind him. Opens all vehicle doors and trunk or hatch. This will give you maximum space motion. Move the table in the cabin roof can be tricky.
  3. Table Jala roof down with the help of an assistant. Guide to the table through the vehicle out for the trunk or a door, where there is more space. Below the roof will bend a little, but not too double not forming a fold.
  4. Place the board on a flat roof and hard surface, with the side of the fabric facing up, in a well-ventilated area.

Preparing the table ceiling

  1. Delete the old table cloth roof.
  2. Table Scrubs ceiling slightly sandpaper number 500 or stiff brush until you have removed all the foam board. Okay if the table is a bit sticky, you simply want to remove all the old foam board. Rub the ceiling board with a clean lint free cloth.
  3. Place the new foam coated fabric on the ceiling board with the side of the foam to the table, and cuts the material in the form of the table, using a blade with a new blade. Cut holes in the fabric where there are holes in the table. Changes the knife blade at the time you feel a drag, because these cuts should be as clean and accurate as you can make them. Remove the cloth covered foam board ceiling.
  4. Sprinkle the table with a generous coat of adhesive spray for upholstery and immediately placed side foam coated fabric roof on the table covered with adhesive, taking care to place it precisely.
  5. Press around the entire area of ​​the coated fabric, using a medium or large book or other flat, heavy object.
  6. Let the adhesive dry for the amount of time specified in the instructions on the can.
  7. Jala slightly around the perimeter of the roof to make sure the glue is completely adhered to the table. If any edge is clear, spray a small amount of spray adhesive on the edge, press it and let it dry.

Reinstalling the roof

  1. Put the table in the cabin roof of the vehicle, with the help of your assistant through the door or the trunk.
  2. Raise the table and put it in place, guiding any cable through its respective hole in the ceiling.
  3. Reinstall any rim, handles and lights to ensure that you have removed the table in position. No insurance or grip supports roofs, only edge panels.
  4. Reinstall the rear seat straps and the rear seat cushion, as required.

Tips and Warnings

  • Perform this task at temperatures above the freezing; preferably above 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 ° C).
  • Never attempt to attach a coated foam table without removing the ceiling board material. This can cause personal injury from inhaling potentially toxic fumes from the adhesive. It may also cause damage to the vehicle interior.
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