How to repair auto glass damages

Any rock or a piece of debris on the road can cause damage if you hit the windshield at highway speeds. Fortunately, there are repair kits to seal the damage and prevent the crack from spreading.


  1. Evaluate the damages. Housing arrangements require a small area of ​​damage, 1 inch or less. If the damage you are trying to repair is greater, consult a professional auto glass workshop. Do not wait. The more time passes, the more likely dirt is to contaminate the glass. Grit road and even dust prevents the repair material from adhering to the glass.
  2. Buy a repair kit. You can find windshield repair kits at your local auto parts store or through an online retailer. Because the repair compound requires daylight to set up, make sure that repairs are carried out during the day.
  3. Clean the damaged area with a glass cleaner product. Make sure the surface is completely dry before attempting repair.
  4. Use a small nail or punch to punch leather to make a hole in the center of the adhesive disc that comes with the repair kit. Remove the adhesive from one side of the disc. Turn the side with the exposed adhesive towards the glass. Place the disc on the chipped glass center the hole in the center of the damaged area.
  5. Remove the backing adhesive from the other side, and attach the pedestal to the syringe. Remove the protective cap from the end of the syringe and push on the pedestal, twisting the syringe until it seats completely.
  6. Pull the syringe plunger to remove air from the damaged area below the disc. Hold this position for a moment, then push the plunger slowly down to apply the resin on the damaged surface. Repeat 10 times. From inside the car, inspect the repair of air bubbles. Application of the resin repeat if necessary. Wipe off the excess resin compound with a damp cloth. Wait 30 minutes to dry. Remove the syringe from the pedestal and cut off the disc and pedestal using a utility knife.

Tips and warnings

  • The purchased repair kit must contain an adhesive disc to keep the resin on the damaged part of the glass until it dries. The disc has a hole in the center where the syringe will be placed. These kits usually consist of a syringe pedestal, the resin compound, the adhesive disc and the syringe. Each kit contains enough resin to repair a chip.
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