How to repair and coat auto glass

Auto glass repair can be the simplest repair that can be done to your vehicle. Since auto glass was made to withstand the pressure and force of objects, hitting at high speeds, the risk of glass breakage is low. However, if a scratch occurs for any reason, you can easily repair it with liquid resin.


  1. Mix a mild detergent solution and water. Wash the glass with the solution with a soft cloth. Let it air dry.
  2. Remove the accumulation of others by cleaning the glass with a cloth moistened in denatured alcohol.
  3. Remove any fragments of glass in the scratch. Use the corner of a razor blade to select the pieces.
  4. Place the tip of the syringe on the resin bottle, step back on the end of the rubber and watch it fill with resin.
  5. Fill the crack with resin. Allow it to overflow so you know it’s full; once it dries, you can eliminate any excess.
  6. Wait a few hours for the resin to dry then scrape off the dried debris from the glass surface with the razor blade.


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