How to repair a heated windshield

A thermal windshield has electrically operated wire conductors spaced along the glass, which, when activated, melt ice and fog from the car’s window for optimal viewing. As of 2011, most cars come factory equipped with a heated rear window, and many new models also have heated front windscreens as an optional extra, depending on the make and model. Before continuing, consult your vehicle’s manual, locate the windshield fuse and replace it .If this does not solve the problem, your windshield heating network can be damaged. With the right tools, this repair can be done at home.

  1. Wipe the entire windshield inside and out with a cloth cleaner and soft window to remove accumulated dust and dirt. Purchase a defroster repair kit from an auto parts store.
  2. Turn on the windshield heating system. Using a voltmeter, place the meter probes on the horizontal grid line at both ends of each line and take the reading on the voltmeter (usually 12 volts). Move a probe, no matter what, in the center of the line. If you read 6 volts, the break is not between the two probes, if you read 12, the break is between where the probes are now. Keep moving the probes until they are in the place that you have full tension of 12 going through it, that’s where the rest is.Realize this in each horizontal line of the network if there is more than one line has not been working.
  3. Use a grease pencil on the outside of the cup to mark where the damage is. Clean the area with alcohol to remove any oily residue. Place the adhesive tape horizontally on each side of the break, making sure the repair is as wide as rest.
  4. Using the purchased defroster repair kit, shake the small vial of conductive paint thoroughly and brush the paint during the holidays. Wait a minute and add a second layer. Let rest 2 minutes and then remove the adhesive tape.
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