How to remove the car glass film

Many car windows have a layer of film along the inner side, mainly to protect the interior from the sun’s rays. If you need to change the film due to cracking, peeling or the desire to use a darker tint, you must remove the film from the window first. This is not an easy task since the film uses a very strong adhesive. It should soften the glue with heat and liquid soap to peel off. Once removed, you must then deal with the glue residue.


  1. He let the car sit with the back facing the sun for at least a couple of hours. This is necessary to heat and soften the window film.
  2. Cover the inside of the car (especially the seats) with protectors like a tarp.
  3. Take a plastic garbage bag and cut along its sides (not the bottom) to make a single sheet of plastic that is now twice as long as the original bag.
  4. Spray the door surface window with clean interior window and immediately press the garbage bag against the treated area. Peel the bag out of the window after 20 minutes, window cleaner and return to the bag. Repeat this process for 2 hours.
  5. Remove in the corner of the film very carefully with a razor blade, making sure you do not scratch the window. Detach the film with your hands once there is enough bare to grab. Peel off in one piece, if possible; this is more difficult with side windows.
  6. Cleaner windows and you remove the film to keep the glue residue soft. Clean the window residue using or a towel and ammonia.


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