How to remove the auto glass

A broken windshield usually means it’s time to call the professionals, but you can save a lot on the bill if you remove the glass from the car before the technician arrives to install a new one. It is also a useful skill if you like classic cars like finding replacements for curved glass. You can especially send mobiles through junkyards, where if you find it you have to remove the glass from the car and take it home to your restoration project. The process is deceptively simple, but it will still take practice and a good deal of strength to do.


  1. Gently lift any adjustments on the glass of the car with a flat-head screwdriver. If you are going to reuse the trim, it is best to start by lifting it with the screwdriver and then pull it out the rest of the way, little by little, with your hand. Do it on the outside and inside the glass you are removing.
  2. Strip any gasket that may be below the molding. Again, if it is in good condition, start lifting with the tip of the screwdriver and pull it out with your hand. This way you can use it again like this.
  3. Insert the cold knife between the glass of the car and the chassis of the car from the top of the glass in the center. Taking care to keep the razor blade perpendicular to the glass (an exact angle of 90 degrees), take out the knife to cut through the frame seal of the auto glass. Repeat all the glass.
  4. Remove the glass from inside the car. The auto glass rests on molded tabs in the frame as well as pushing it out of the eyelashes, place one of your 2x4s between the glass of the car and the frame to hold the frame.
  5. Remove the glass from the car by carefully lifting it outwards.

Tips and warnings

  • Have someone lift larger pieces, such as the front and rear windshields, as the size and weight of the glass is more easily handled by two people.
  • If any part of the glass of the broken car, make sure that it completely eliminates that section by breaking the piece. This will prevent unnecessary injuries when you go to remove the glass from the car.
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