How to read an oil pressure gauge needle Two

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The oil pressure is an important indicator for tanks and commercial vehicles and oil consumption. Mechanical gauges tubes working oil pressure sensitive Bourdon connected to each pressure line. An oil pressure gauge has two needles two systems separate Bourdon tube and needles in the lateral aspect connected to two separate oil tanks or lines.

Things You’ll Need

  • Gauge
  • Indicator manual oil tank oil double needle or vehicle manual system
  • Conversion unit Pressure Chart


  1. Inspect the oil pressure gauge face two needles. Observe the pressure scale and units. For example, a measure of typical oil tank may have a scale of 0 to 500. Ensure that the units of pressure in pounds per square inch.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the scale of the gauge pressure reading manual if the units are not in PSI. For example, the scale can be in units called “bars”. Convert PSI unknown to households on a piece of paper with a conversion table if the tank or pressure line system is European or Asian, so you can understand the reading.
  3. Note the position of each of the two needles on the gauge face. While the needle is below the zero point of the scale or both hands indicate the same pressure, the indicator could be damaged or out of calibration. Refer to the meter fix manual.
  4. Identify the tank or line each needle indicates the oil pressure. Refer to the vehicle tank or oil this information manually. Normally, the two needles in face oil pressure gauge will be different colors. The manual should identify which needle color indicates that the tank or line pressure, if this information is not marked on the lateral side.
  5. Read the oil tank or two line pressures indicated by the two hands of different color. Note the readings on a piece of paper, making sure to note that the tank or line side are each reading. Compare the readings of standard tank or line pressure varies as specified in the system manual.
  6. Follow troubleshooting and mitigation of the steps in the system manual to correct the situation if one of the two oil pressure indicated by the gauge double-needle oil are higher or lower than the normal range especificada.
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    Jeremy Thompson

    January 30, 2018 at 8:37 am

    I was thinking about studying some industrial equipment which is why knowing how to read the gauge will be quite important to me. The part where you mentioned that the gauge scale will have a difference at times is very helpful. That is something I am glad to know of as I’ve noticed mine might be defective. I’ll be sure to have it repaired first before pursuing the study. Thanks!

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