How to Change the Radiator Fan

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The cooling fan is a very important element in the engine cooling system of the vehicle. The combustion occurring within the propeller generates large amounts of heat, which effectively eliminates the radiator when the vehicle is in motion, since the cool ambient air achieved naturally pass through. When we stopped in traffic, or we move very slowly, the air flowing through the radiator is enough, and that is why the system has the radiator fan for cooling. In this article we will see how to change the radiator fan vehicle.

Safety Tip: Always wear safety goggles when working on your vehicle. Use other PPE when latex gloves or closed toe shoes required.

  1. Open the hood and locate the vehicle radiator.
  2. With engine off and cool, place the cooling fan.
  3. Manually try to turn the electric cooling fan to check if it is not stopped by some external element that you are not leaving work.
  4. Use a spanner to disconnect the negative battery cable.
  5. Disconnect the electrical connections of the cooling fan being careful not to damage the connectors.
  6. Remove the fan assembly by unscrewing the radiator assembly.
  7. Install the new cooling fan.
  8. Install the mounting screws or nuts.
  9. Plug the power cooling fan connector on the engine wiring harness.
  10. Reconnect the negative battery cable.
  11. Start the car and let it warm. Check that the fan is working properly.

Before replacing the fan, however, it is important to check the fuse and the thermal switch circuit to ensure that the problem is in the fan. Be careful not to approach the vehicle fan when hot, as it can ignite and cause injury to fingers or hands.

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