Clean the windows of the car

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Clean crystals: key factor in driving safety

  • Keeping car windows clean is not just a matter of aesthetics or hygiene. The dust and dirt accumulated on the windshield, the rear window, mirrors and side windows considerably reduce visibility on the road and seriously endanger the safety of the vehicle. Therefore it is important to know how to clean car glasses in the most effective way and always have them in optimal conditions. The best solution is to use cleaning products adapted to each type of dirt for a more visible and lasting final result. It is also important that each driver look for a cleaning technique that is more comfortable and productive.

Basic steps to clean the car’s glass

  • Before starting the task, we must assess the type of dirt and the time it takes on the glass to choose the most appropriate cleaning products. Once the diagnosis has been made, a generous amount of product must be applied (without flooding the glass) on the surface to be cleaned and insist on areas of greater dirtiness or adherence to the glass. For this you can use a microfiber cloth, a soft cotton cloth or a cloth (there are specially designed to clean the car’s glass). Whatever the choice, the fabric should not loose fluff or leave any other type of residue on the glass and especially not contain abrasive particles of dust that can damage the surface of the glass.
  • The cleaning products that give the best results are the specific ones for domestic glasses, although the homemade mixture based on soap removes grease and ammonia is also very effective, especially in case of especially dirty glass. Another ecological, efficient, economical and also homemade alternative is the solution of cold water with vinegar, perfect for cleaning car glasses periodically, eliminating all kinds of stains (grease, silicone residues, tar, fingerprints, etc.). ). In addition, some drivers use a mixture of water and alcohol in a 1: 1 ratio for quick, effective and odor-free cleaning both on the outside and inside of the glass.

Other useful tips to leave crystals as new

  • When cleaning car glasses, a very popular trick is to use kitchen paper both to apply the cleaning product and to dry it. It is important during drying not to press the paper against the glass to achieve a polished effect and no trace of stains. In addition, the specific products to clean the glass of the car not only allow to remove the most difficult dirt, but leave a protective layer on the glass that repels particles of dust, grease, tobacco smoke, traces of insects or stains by condensation. One of them is the Auto gym polish: its chemical agents delicately polish the surface of the glass, leaving it impeccably clean and shiny.
  • To achieve this spectacular result, just apply a small amount of product on the glass, rub gently, let it dry for a few seconds and remove it with a microfiber cloth. In turn, cleaning fogged glasses with your hand, rag or paper inside the vehicle is not a good idea, as there are marks and circles difficult to eliminate. To demist the glass, the best solution is to direct the hot air jet to the focus of the problem. And to prevent the glass from fogging up again, the ideal is to apply a layer of anti-fog product on it.
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