Auto glass installation sources

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The purpose that serves as the glass of a car goes far beyond how the car looks. The glass serves as a barrier to the elements and insects. It is also a barrier for passengers who can be thrown out of the car. Correctly installed glass supports the roof of a vehicle as protection in the event of a rollover accident. In addition, the auto glass helps the exact implementation of side airbags. Incorrect installation or poor quality sources can mean life or death to a vehicle owner.

Auto glass

There are three types of self-installation glass. Glass auto dealership is purchased directly from the car dealership. The auto distributor glass comes from a distributor of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who originally manufactured the glass. This glass usually has the vehicle’s mark stamped on it. OEM distributor glass does not always have the same distributor. But it is made with the same specifications as distributor glass, such as thickness, color and durability. Finally, the auto glass of the market is made by companies that have not acquired the legal right to make the glass with the specifications of the OEM distributor. Although it is cheaper, it is not accepted by sellers because it does not have the same guarantees as the OEM auto glass.

Urethane windshield

You must use a high quality urethane adhesive so that the car adheres firmly to the glass of the car. The requirements of the United States federal vehicle standards if met or exceeded by urethane manufacturers to install auto glass. OEM specifications must also be met regarding the use of urethane. In vehicles with aluminum bodies, such as the latest model of BMW and Mercedes, low urethane conductor is necessary to prevent electric currents from entering through the glass in the vehicle body.


A high quality sealant is important in the installation of auto glass. Low quality sealers allow dust, air and water to enter the car. In addition, sealers that are inferior will become resistant and will eventually harden and crack, breaking the seal. Sealing compounds should create a superior bond between the glasses, whether it is metal or rubber bonding.

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